I have experienced Essentrics to be a holistically designed workout that thoughtfully considers the whole body. It’s gentle on the joints, increases flexibility while intensely toning and increases muscle strength. It’s a good, intelligently designed workout. I really enjoy it and feel like a million bucks! After one short hour with Dyan, once or twice a week, my body feels more limber and toned. My posture is definitely better, and best yet — my jeans fit better!”

Melissa L., Fairfield, CT

From a massage therapist’s point of view I found Essentrics to be a great muscle slenderizing and strengthening workout that targets the whole body. This program was new to me when I started and I was pleasantly surprised at how great I felt afterward. I loved the constant motion of both arms and legs.”

Cliona B., Westport, CT

I have exercised all my life and tried everything from jogging to step, aerobics, yoga etc. So, when I took my first Essentrics class I wasn’t expecting anything too new. But I was very much surprised to find that you can achieve a very different kind of stretch and a quicker burn. It really feels like you are doing something great for your joints, your posture and your whole body.

Deborah Q., Fairfield, CT

I had seen the PBS Classical Stretch show because my wife taped the shows and did them. She suggested I try the exercises to help relieve my lower back pain. The one-hour program with Dyan was challenging and I sweated a lot. But much to my surprise after the third workout my back pain went away.”

Victor D., Fairfield, CT

When I took my first Essentrics class with Dyan, I was so struck with the experience of feeling both energized and relaxed. It was gentle and also challenging. I am sometimes uncomfortable in holding poses in yoga and so I really appreciated the flow and movement. The music was also fantastic!”

Jaye M., NYC

When I first heard about Essentrics, I expected a good stretch, but after my first class with Dyan, I was pleasantly surprised to discover it was so much more than that. From the warm-up to the cool-down, the workout challenged me and left me feeling exhilarated, strong, and excited to go back.”

Lisa S., Fairfield, CT

As a former owner of a fitness club, I know how essential strengthening and stretching is for optimum health. As we age strong muscles and flexibility become even more important. I find Essentrics a wonderful program that helps me stay toned and fit. After a one-hour class with Dyan I feel relaxed, energized and ready for all the activities I enjoy.”

Diana W., Fairfield, CT

Essentrics has changed my life. I have worked for many years as a programmer sitting in front of a computer for many hours at a time which wrecked my posture. Even though I was exercising, I was always stiff and sore all over and was reminded about my body with every movement. When I finally discovered Essentrics, I noticed a difference after the very first workout. I made it part of my regular workout routine and found that it totally freed up my muscles to the point where I wasn’t thinking about my body anymore. I was so excited about the results that I was getting that I decided to teach it and during this process met Dyan. If you are new to Essentrics, Dyan will guide you through the workouts so you can progress at your own pace. She is a great teacher and a wonderful friend.

Angela Y., Ringwood, NJ