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Essentrics: Movement
for a healthy,
pain-free body!

5 Myths & Misconceptions about Essentrics

When I tell people that I'm a master ESSENTRICS trainer, I get a lot of interesting reactions. Many people in the U.S. have not heard about ESSENTRICS, so I first have to explain the method to them. After explaining ESSENTRICS, many people who are not familiar with this form of exercise ask questions—and make assumptions. They might say things like, "Oh, I don't think I could do ESSENTRICS," (and then allude to an injury, health issue, or the fact that they don't think it would be challenging enough.) Some might show confusion, thinking ESSENTRICS is the same as Pilates or yoga.

There are a lot of myths and misconceptions about this form of exercise. If you can relate to the examples above—or you're just interested in learning more about what ESSENTRICS can do for you... [ Read more» ]


Tweaking an exercise routine to stay strong after 50

People turning 50 may want to consider tweaking their exercise routines because as they age stiffer joints, slower recovery from injury and the loss of lean body mass are among the perils facing the youngest baby boomers, fitness experts say.

Studies have shown that even a 90-year-old can build muscle, so the half-century mark is a good time to retire joint-stressing high jumps and to start lifting dumbbells to build strength.

Dr. Wayne Westcott, co-author of the book "Strength Training Past 50," said maintaining lean body mass becomes harder with ageing.

"The average man in good shape is about 85 percent lean weight, organs, blood, bones, muscles and skin, to 15 percent fat. The average healthy woman has a 75/25 ratio," said Westcott, fitness research director at the South Shore YMCA in Quincy, Massachusetts... [ Read More» ]


Exercise to Age Well, Whatever Your Age

Offering hope and encouragement to the many adults who have somehow neglected to exercise for the past few decades, a new study suggests that becoming physically active in middle age, even if someone has been sedentary for years, substantially reduces the likelihood that he or she will become seriously ill or physically disabled in retirement.

The new study joins a growing body of research examining successful aging, a topic of considerable scientific interest, as the populations of the United States and Europe grow older, and so do many scientists. When the term is used in research, successful aging means more than simply remaining alive, although that, obviously, is the baseline... [ Read More» ]

Consider Adding "Pre-Habilitation" to Your Exercise Recommendations

At some point in life, 80% of the population will suffer from back pain, a primary cause of musculoskeletal degeneration and also one of the top reasons for visits to a physician.

What most people—including many doctors—do not realize is that a primary cause of problems like back pain is physical inactivity.

The truth is that long periods of time spent in sedentary postures in our cars, at our desks, in front of the computer or TV result in a progressive deterioration of muscle and joint function, and significantly compromise our ability to move with ease and fluidity. A sedentary way of life results in joint ailments, as well as over-used and abused muscles.

Yes, it is possible to overstrain muscles by sitting improperly and for too long!

fitnesscoachingTo compound the matter, a de-conditioned body is at much higher risk of injuries, so when sedentary people suddenly decide to exercise—for health, for enjoyment, or both... [ Read more» ]


  • I have experienced Essentrics to be a holistically designed workout that thoughtfully considers the whole body. It's gentle on the joints, increases flexibility while intensely toning and increases... View More..
    Melissa L.

  • When I first heard about Essentrics, I expected a good stretch, but after my first class with Dyan, I was pleasantly surprised to discover it was so much more than that. From the warm-up to the... View More..
    Lisa S.

  • When I took my first Essentrics class with Dyan, I was so struck with the experience of feeling both energized and relaxed. It was gentle and also challenging. I am sometimes uncomfortable in holding... View More..
    Jaye M., NYC

  • I had seen the PBS Classical Stretch show because my wife taped the shows and did them. She suggested I try the exercises to help relieve my lower back pain. The one- hour program with Dyan was... View More..
    Victor D., Fairfield, CT

  • From a massage therapist's point of view I found Essentrics targets the whole body. This program was new to me when I started and I was pleasantly surprised at how great I felt afterward. I loved the... View More..
    Cliona B., Westport, CT

  • As a former owner of a fitness club, I know how essential strengthening and stretching is for optimum health. As we age strong muscles and flexibility become even more important. I find Essentrics a... View More..
    Diana W., Fairfield, CT