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Essentrics Benefits: Promotes Body Awareness

Body Awareness in Essentrics™ is movement with thought behind it. It's the conscious and deliberate alignment of all the joints. Awareness is being sensitive of when a movement feels wrong, awkward or puts an unhealthy strain on the muscle. It's the link between the mind and the body. The more the awareness, the better any movement is performed and the greater the results.

Doing Essentrics movements incorrectly won't achieve the desired strengthening and toning results. This is why body awareness is so important. When this component is added movement takes on a whole new meaning. In addition to changing the look and strength of the body, life's activities suddenly become easier and safer.


  • I have experienced Essentrics to be a holistically designed workout that thoughtfully considers the whole body. It's gentle on the joints, increases flexibility while intensely toning and increases... View More..
    Melissa L.

  • When I first heard about Essentrics, I expected a good stretch, but after my first class with Dyan, I was pleasantly surprised to discover it was so much more than that. From the warm-up to the... View More..
    Lisa S.

  • When I took my first Essentrics class with Dyan, I was so struck with the experience of feeling both energized and relaxed. It was gentle and also challenging. I am sometimes uncomfortable in holding... View More..
    Jaye M., NYC

  • I had seen the PBS Classical Stretch show because my wife taped the shows and did them. She suggested I try the exercises to help relieve my lower back pain. The one- hour program with Dyan was... View More..
    Victor D., Fairfield, CT

  • From a massage therapist's point of view I found Essentrics targets the whole body. This program was new to me when I started and I was pleasantly surprised at how great I felt afterward. I loved the... View More..
    Cliona B., Westport, CT

  • As a former owner of a fitness club, I know how essential strengthening and stretching is for optimum health. As we age strong muscles and flexibility become even more important. I find Essentrics a... View More..
    Diana W., Fairfield, CT