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Essentrics: Movement
for a healthy,
pain-free body!

Essentrics unlocks what is tight, strengthens what is weak and tones what needs shaping.


Essentrics Benefits: Defies Aging

Aging is a part of life. However, premature aging, in most cases is not. When we think of aging we think of wrinkles, weight gain, poor posture, slower movements, osteoporosis, aches and pains, etc. Most of theses aging issues can be addressed to some degree with proper exercise.

The body's muscle mass begins to dwindle from age 35 on, and the annual rate of deterioration is around .5%. After 35 our muscle cells begin a slow process of dying unless we exercise. After 50 deterioration accelerates and by the time we reach 70 we have lost 30% of our early adult muscles. But muscle aging is not inevitable. To prevent this we need to keep our muscles fit and active.

Essentrics™ stimulates blood flow, opening the capillaries and encouraging the pumping of other fluids in to and out of muscles. Circulation has many anti-aging benefits from improving the quality of the skin to increased energy. Increased blood flow helps to moisturize dry muscles, loosen tight joints, relieve pain, nourish the skin and remove toxins.

As the saying goes," If you don't use it you lose it." Continually exercising with this unique fully body workout will make sure you won't! Essentrics helps prevent muscular deterioration, improves posture, aids in weight loss, brings more fluidity to daily movement, strengthens muscles and relieves chronic pain making one feel years younger.


  • I have experienced Essentrics to be a holistically designed workout that thoughtfully considers the whole body. It's gentle on the joints, increases flexibility while intensely toning and increases... View More..
    Melissa L.

  • When I first heard about Essentrics, I expected a good stretch, but after my first class with Dyan, I was pleasantly surprised to discover it was so much more than that. From the warm-up to the... View More..
    Lisa S.

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    Jaye M., NYC

  • I had seen the PBS Classical Stretch show because my wife taped the shows and did them. She suggested I try the exercises to help relieve my lower back pain. The one- hour program with Dyan was... View More..
    Victor D., Fairfield, CT

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    Cliona B., Westport, CT

  • As a former owner of a fitness club, I know how essential strengthening and stretching is for optimum health. As we age strong muscles and flexibility become even more important. I find Essentrics a... View More..
    Diana W., Fairfield, CT